Introducing the judges: Rachel Plummer

Happy New Year to all writers at DEAS and beyond!

Since we finally officially said goodbye to 2016, we have decided to begin introducing our judges to get your creative juices flowing. And because we want to start 2017 by going all out, we will kick off with poet Rachel Plummer from Edinburgh, Scotland, who has graciously agreed to be our judge.

entryimageRachel Plummer was born in London, grew up in Cambridgeshire and Paris, and has lived for the last ten years in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she runs creative writing groups for children and teenagers. She is married with two young children, Audrey and Robin. A former student of nuclear astrophysics, Rachel’s poems explore themes of science, mythology and trauma, with a particular focus on the roles and stories of women.

She has had poems published in literary magazines including Mslexia, The Stinging Fly and Agenda, and in anthologies including 154 (an anthology of contemporary responses to Shakespeare’s sonnets) and The Emma Press Anthology of Love Poems. She is co-author of Char, a pamphlet of poems on the subject of working class women’s history in Edinburgh. Rachel is a Troubadour prizewinner, winner of the Fenland Reed Ouse Washes competition, came second for the Flambard Prize, was twice runner up in the Penfro Poetry Competition and placed third for the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2015. She is a recipient of the Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award for poetry. She has recently received a cultural commission from LGBT Youth Scotland to write a collection of children’s poems based around LGBT retellings of traditional Scottish myths and stories.


“The Iron Children”




“The Woman who Married Indiana Jones”

Short video interview with Rachel by The Edinburgh Reporter (in which she reads one of her poems):

The Edinburgh Reporter NEWS from Phyllis Stephen on Vimeo.

Please note that Rachel is a kind soul with heaps of talent and great sense of humour and she feels at home in all of our categories (including fanfiction!), so do not get intimidated by what you’ve just read and seen. We are very lucky to have her judge for us.


Rachel pic credit: WriteOutLoud

sheep pic credit: Klára Máchová


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